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Well secure has expertise in manufacture of latest designs of Casing Centralizer, Cement Basket, stop collar, Float shoe, Float Collar, Reamer shoes, Cement plug, Cast Iron Bridge plug, Fast drill Composite Bridge Plug, Retrievable Bridge Plugs, Cement retainers, Packers, Stage Tools, and their setting tools and accessories for Cementing and Completion applications.
Well Secure Oil Tools has its manufacturing unit in major engineering hub near NCR in Faridabad, India.

GASWAY LLC was established in 2009 and is one of the first Omani companies that provides Gyro and Wireline Services. GASWAY is equipped with highly experienced, competent personnel and is dedicated on maintaining the highest level in HSE, business conduct and quality. GASWAY’s workforce possesses over 100 years of experience in Oil & Gas business.

Wildcat Automated Drilling System (ADS)
WILDCAT Automated Drilling System (ADS) is used in more than 800 rigs around the world and has evolved to be used for drilling with or without mud motors and with all different bit types. The design of the system allows for safe and reliable operation. Wildcat have operated the brake handle on thousands of wells for years and the WILDCAT ADS has not been involved in any rig floor accident. To provide drilling rigs with a modern rig surface technology that delivers weight to the bit Automatically, Accurately & Consistently for : Optimum directional drilling control, Best ROP , Higher well integrity
Benefits of using WILDCAT ADS :
  • Improve safety conditions.
  • Reduce undesired hole deviation.
  • Achieve constant and consistent control.
  • Consistent work rate tour-to-tour
  • Reduce drill string whipping, vibration and wear
  • Reduce Torque & Drag
  • Increase % of time on bottom
  • Improve ROP
  • Improve Bit Life
  • Improve Motor Performance
  • Motor Life
  • Reliability
  • Build Rate
  • Optimized Horsepower
  • Reduce repair cost


Opsealog is a French company specializing in performance management – with a particular focus on marine logistics operations for the maritime, offshore oil & gas, and renewable energy sectors. Utilising cutting-edge digital technology that generates real-time, intelligent data, Opsealog unlocks new efficiencies and enables smarter decisions.

petroEDGE is the leading provider of Oil & Gas & Energy training in Asia. Our specialist industry focus enables us to provide targeted and in-depth knowledge-based training courses for pivotal Oil & Gas & Energy organisations from around the world. Our training platforms consists of live online training (VILT), e-learning and classroom face-to-face training. We annually deliver over 300 training courses from a variety of disciplines ranging from Oil & Gas & Energy engineering to business for technical professionals to business leaders. Our training hubs in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore allow us to reach out to you from different regions across the Middle East, Australia and Asia-Pacific regions.

OCS Group is a leading innovator in the Oil and Gas Industry, providing Commissioning, Inspection and Training services globally. For over 20 years, OCS Group has driven the development of specialized solutions to solve our clients’ most complex, costly and challenging problems.

The Power Within Training is a leadership and business development company that operates at the intersection of the most cutting-edge research in neuroscience and the most recent cognitive social psychology discoveries.
It is about what unlocks us, what opens our mind and what allows us to THINK BIGGER, BE BETTER, and ACHIEVE MORE.

Qeyada Recruiting Company was established with the aim of meeting the growing demand by providing professional HR related services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for professional, skilled, unskilled and domestic manpower in the Saudi market.

Engineering Services

Ameera Design is one of the best interior design companies in Saudi Arabia with an extensive portfolio of successful projects throughout The Middle East. Ameera Design specializes in delivering creative and innovative solutions for a wide range of interior design services for residential and commercial projects. No matter how big or small, Ameera Design ensures each project undertaken is delivered in line with the client’s vision, budget and time frame from start to finish. From luxurious villas and palaces to spas, health clubs, restaurants and other commercial outlets our successful portfolio speaks for itself. Ameera Design strives to exceed client’s expectations and objectives with their international experience, analytical approach and passion for creativity.

Technology Precision and Quality Saudi Contracting Company (Saudi QTECH) was established in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia to provide asset integrity and inspection support services to clients in Saudi Arabia and GCC. SAUDI QTECH offers a complete package of Advanced ( ToFD, PaUT, ET/RFT, LRUT, MFL, Tank Inspection) and Conventional NDT ( PT, MPT, RT, UT, HT, PMI, HT) using the most recent and updated instruments and technologies. All Equipment are Saudi Aramco Approved and Customer standards compatible.
SAUDI QTECH’s commitment is to protect client investments, and to confirm that the contractors and suppliers meet their expectations with minimum risk



NEFT Energies Training Institute (NETI) was established in 2014 to cater the growing demand from local and international companies seeking ‘’basic-to-advance” training services within Saudi Arabia.

First Intelligent training center offering short term highly effective courses “fit-for-purpose” and long term customizable Diploma Programs meeting the needs and demands of the customer.

Driven By Quality, Education, Environment, Trainers.

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Co-working & Business Center

Qeyada offers you workspace where and how you need it, whether your goal is to be closer to home, empower your team, or have a go-to private space where you can actually focus.