NEFT ENERGIES Training Center was established in 2015 with the aim to become a leading source provider of training excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. NEFT ENERGIES has the first intelligent training center in the region that focuses on delivering superior “basic to advance” training. These training’s are designed to be short, effective, efficient, and fit for purpose. NEFT ENERGIES training’s are customized to fit the needs of the participants to ensure the training outcome and objectives are met and exceeded.

NEFT ENERGIES has been successfully serving various industries and organizations; such as, Oil & Gas, Construction, Manpower Supply, Engineering and Marine Sectors with management consulting, HR development, and business development consulting.

As an added value to our customers, NEFT ENERGIES continuously work with its clients to support the upstream and downstream sectors by being a solution provider to the challenges they may face. This is done through strategic partnerships with international companies, local agencies and joint ventures.


NEFT ENERGIES mission has always been to deliver quality training through providing the right education in the best environment by competent trainers to the right audience.

NEFT ENERGIES profile 2019