Contracting Services



EXCEED specializes in delivering wells management and performance improvement solutions for the upstream Oil & Gas Industry. Established in 2005, EXCEED operates globally, supporting client projects across the wells lifecycle.
EXCED specialty and Core Competence is in :

1- Wells Management
2- Performance Improvement
3- iVision Technology

EXCEED also provides Two Competency Training/Assessment Programs for Engineers:
Performance Engineer Competency Program (PECP)
And Well Engineer Competency Program (WECP)


GOTCO INTERNATIONAL, INC is an oil field service company having over 24 years of successful business in manufacturing and supplying of Stabilizers, Milling & fishing tools, Milling & Repair Services.
GOTCO International, Inc operates all over the world with main offices located in Texas, USA, and offices in Europe, South America, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. Currently, GOTCO is ranked as one of the top three Milling & fishing tools and equipment service providers in the United States.

GOTCO International, Inc has four main Divisions specializing in Manufacturing, Service and Supply of Oilfield services and equipment:
1- PENA Manufacturing Co.
2- RDE Manufacturing Co.
3- PEDCORE Services
4- Master Oilfield Services

Directional MWD/LWD Services

NEFT Energies through its alliances with international Directional Companies have successfully managed to provide operating companies with Directional Services Measurement while Drilling (MWD) and Logging while Drilling Services (LWD).



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Training Facility Center
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