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Neft Energies

Offering Consulting Services, Training Services, and Solutions to the Oilfield Industry


NEFT ENERGIES currently provide a wide selection of training subjects in Basic Training, Engineering, Safety & QHSE, Technical Training, Management & Leadership, and soft Skills Training.


Part of NEFT ENERGIES services is competence assessment, where NEFT ENERGIES specializes in assessing trainees’ skills and knowledge on their specific job roles. This can also include setting individual development plans (IDP) programs for the clients’ employees.


NEFT ENERGIES has been successfully serving various industries and organizations; such as oil & gas, construction, manpower supply, engineering and marine sectors with management consulting, HR development, and business development consulting.


As an added value to our customers, NEFT ENERGIES continuously work with its clients to support the various sectors by being a solution provider to the challenges they may face. This is done through strategic partnerships with international companies, local agencies and joint ventures.



Head Office
Neft Energies Suite 502 Al-Salah Tower. 5th floor,
Prince Faisal (Pepsi) Road, Al Khobar.
Office: +966 13 8827776
Fax: +966 13 8827773
Training Facility Center
Energy Center, Prince Sultan Road, Al Khobar
Office: +966 13 8877665
Fax: +966 13 8877552